Four Great Bands, Good Lighting And a Welcoming Venue (We Found New Music Concert Review)

Artist: @wfnm @velvetstarlings @huxthis @mothica @cannonstheband

Location: @thehihatla

Genre: Rock, Alt-Pop, Pop 

Price: FREE


There was a certain mood that this venue put into the crowd, offering a comforting yet dark tone with low ambient lighting that guided the audiences attention to a bright colorful stage.

Velvet Starlings started off the night with such a high energy performance that paired well with some colorful spotlights to create an illuminating experience. As the lead vocalist & guitarist, Christian Gisborne jumped into the crowd for his guitar solo I was captivated and tried preparing myself for the rest of the night.

Hux followed the first act, his stage presence felt a bit minimal and was not explosive. Hux’s performance shifted the nights mood into a dark yet powerful tone, I felt this was due to the emphasis his performance had on the music and his vocals, rather than how he was moving on stage.

Mothica was the third artist on the lineup for the night and unfortunately I was a bit biased and very excited to see her perform. As I watched the show I noticed how much controlled chaos is offered through Mothica’s music, I found the audience in a complete awe as though Mothica was holding them in a trance like state until her vocals would stop and the crowd would roar with appreciation.

The show ended with a bang as the band Cannons combined bright lights and majestic smoke to build on their comfortable sound. As I moved through the crowd to get different views of the show, I could see people enjoying the music to the point that they were dancing until the last song. 

As the concert came to an end, I along with the rest of the audience left with a great experience, but also wanting more. Can’t wait until the next show.

2 thoughts on “Four Great Bands, Good Lighting And a Welcoming Venue (We Found New Music Concert Review)

  1. Velvet Starlings completely blew me away with their performance! Wow, that kid is ELECTRIC! He’s definitely destined for stardom. It was a fantastic night. All the bands were great, but that kid just stood out from all the rest. He is something else, someone special.

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